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Porvair Polyfil


Billede: 2463 

Polyfill II cartridges provide absolute filtering where reproducibility and consistency of performance is critical. Suitable for the filtration of aqueous and organic liquids. Polyfil II cartridges can be used as pre-filters or final filters in the following applications:


Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing

The manufacture of intermediates used in the production of pharmaceutical and bioprocessed products batch. Used as pre-filters to extend the life of membrane filters.

Food and drinks

The clarification of beer, wine and spirits for a clear and bright finish, without affecting taste or color.

Ink and coatings

To remove gels and agglomerates with minimal loss of product.

Fine chemicals

Filtering of high quality chemicals, including solvents, reagents, photographic emulsions and plating solutions.


The clarification of process water and intermediates for the finished product.

Process Water Systems

The filtration of process water plant for removal of general soiling and resin fines.



Size Flow
l/min m3/h
5" 10 0,6
9¾", 9?", 10" 20 1,2
19½", 20" 40 2,4
29¼", 30" 60 3,6
39", 40" 80 4,8