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Classic Heatless Adsorption Dryer Dewpoint -20 to -70°CKlikkaa tästä
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Brand:Elementer til AQ2

Ultra-Pure UP110 filter - 28 l/min 5 µm

EUR 10,00
Item no:UPS10PP0050

Ultra-Pure Okker Filter Kit - 3/4"

EUR 108,00
Item no:UP002KIT
1 x Ultra-Pure Vedensuodatin AQ2 ¾" - 28 l/m (DUPLEX)
1 x Ultra-Pure Pleat2 0,5 µm 9¾" DOE
1 x Ultra-Pure UP110 filter - 28 l/min 5 µm
Brand:complete std. MF filter housing & element

Filter MF 0006 - 60 m3/h - 3/8"

EUR 284,00
Item no:0000421516
1 x AG filter 0006 - 60 m3/h - 3/8" (03/10)
1 x Micro element MF 03/10 (AG 0006)
Brand:Tank 11 bar Painted IT

Tank 500 L (11 bar) Painted - Vertikal

EUR 640,00
Item no:UT0500PV11
Brand:Complete P-SRF Filter house & element

Filter P-SRF 0006 - 1000 l/min - 1/4"

EUR 709,00
Item no:0000424216
Brand:Fridge dryer UD TD

Dryer: UD 0054 TD - 900 l/min - 3/8" (Time drain)

EUR 1.364,00
Item no:0000560016

Compressed Air

Compressed air contains water, oil and particles, therefore it is a good idea to filter your air before it is used. The quality of the compressed air depends on how and where to use compressed air. Ultrafilter offers all types of filtration.

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There are filtering solutions for both large and small productions of everything from the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic chemical products. Filter housings in stainless steel for high and low flow.

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Ultrafilter offers highly economical nitrogen generator and systems from small nitrogen generator units to large tonnage nitrogen plants suitable for refining, chemical processing and other applications.

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Drinking Water

If you have problems with particles or ocher in your drinking water, a water filter is a good and cost effective solution to the problem. We have our own range of water filters in high quality.

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Ultrafilter reintroduces painted compressed air vessels

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Replacement filters from 2 for 1

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Total Filtration Management

We have many different kinds of compressed air filters that are compatible with compressed air systems of all brands. We also offer compressed air dryers, adsorption and membrane dryers in addition to auto drain compressors, compressed air tanks and oil-water separators. Additionally, we have a sterile compressed air filter for food and beverage applications.

We offer all kinds of filters for liquids such as bag filters, absolute filters and membrane filters, with industrial applications, such as coolant. We have a great deal of experience with filter solutions for the food and beverage industry, and our products are approved by EC 1935/2004 as well as FDA. We also have filters for drinking water.

We have one of the best generators for manufacturing nitrogen and oxygen and for filtering all kinds of gas like methane and bio gas.

Filtration of
Air Liquid Gas Water
Ultrafilter Scandinavia offers a wide selection of filtration products for compressed air, liquids and gas. We have stock in Denmark and from here we distribute all of our products to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Ultrafilter Scandinavia is a part of the Ultrafilter group. Production is in Germany and we have several subsidiaries in Europe and the United States.

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